Friday, December 24, 2010

Gordy's Best of 2010 pt.1

I thought it would be pretty easy to figure out what my top ten albums of the year were, but then I actually looked at the records that came out this year and I couldn't even bring it down to ten. So here's my top ten EPs and top ten LPs in alphabetical order.

Top Extended Plays
-Bukkake Boys - 2nd EP - Sorry State --- Download
I think every review I've read has said the true statement of "stupid name, great tunes."

-Canadian Rifle - Facts - Residue --- Download
Seeing them live a few weeks ago made me wish I lived in Chicago, just so I could see them more.

-The Ergs! - Thrash Compacter - Grave Mistake/Firestarter --- Download
Got 3 minutes to kill? Not what you would expect from a Pop-Punk band.

-Leather - Anchorite - Caesar Cuts --- Download
They tore it up live, the record is no different.

-Male Nurses - S/T - Deranged --- Download - original post
As a wise man once said "The hooks on this record make me squeal."

-Much Worse - Proper Execute - Pass Judgement --- Download - original post
I know, "get off Kevin's dick" right? But really, best album to drive to this year.

-P.S. Eliot - Living In Squalor - Freedom School --- Download
Great follow up to the LP, can't wait for more.

-School Jerks - Decline - Cowabunga --- Download
I forgot how good this record is, but after just listening to it, it edged out Condominium for this spot.

-Sinks - I Drove The Sinks - Fashionable Idiots --- Download
They sure know how to go out in style, probably their best.

-The U.V. Race - I Hate You - Fashionable Idiots --- Download
I've gone days with Garbage In My Heart stuck in my head.


-kevin said...

LOL did I say that the hooks make me squeal? I hope so.

robitusson said...

Groovy! But no bests of 09 or 08?