Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yadokai - Sterile Environment

My ears first tuned in to this Demo from clicking a link being spammed on el Jerkbooth. These are some of the best Demo recordings I've heard in quite a while. Members of Ecoli and Nightstick Justice play some exceptionally unique hardcore punk that's surprisingly quite hard to pin down. The Demo titled "Sterile Environment" has 5 tracks of utmost chaotic and blistering hardcore punk with a well executed noise-punk edge. I can hear quite a bit of H100s and Koro but with their own unique feedback-ridden sound. This is for sure something you'll want to hear. Cassettes of this demo will be available soon from the band. http://sterileenvironment.blogspot.com

download here.


alexander iezzi said...

Rad updates tonight, keep it coming this fast and good!

kris138 said...

this is pretty good, thanks