Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shang-a-Lang - Summertime

Whats that? You want some folksy-lo-fi-pop-punk about the fun of summer, during the dead of winter? You got it. I found out about this band from the near endless, but well deserved, hype from net cartoonist Mitch Clem (check out Nothing Nice to Say, if you haven't already). Of Shang-a-Lang's 2 7" EPs, 6 split 7"s, and spankin' new LP(out on Fast Crowd) this is their finest, though I recommend trying to track them all down. This is a split release from Dirt Cult and Let's Pretend Records, so get it from one of them. It's winter, and it's damn cold out there, but hopefully this will warm you up a little bit.

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