Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Condominium - Live at the Bloc

New seven song cassette release by Minneapolis' damaged jangle punk quartette. Condominium takes the best of all of their past 7"s and play a new one (which is great) and have crammed it onto this tape, released by some random cassette label based in Poland called Blinded Records. Limited to 100-possibly a few left from the label. E-mail blindedrec[at] for info. I believe it's only 7ppd to ship all the way from euroland. All tracks recorded live in a basement somewhere in the Twin Cities. Condominium stay true to their roots and end the tape with a great cover of Glue by SSD. A 4th Condominium 7" is in the process of release on Dear Healer Label.

download here.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, you rule and so does Condo.

Anonymous said...

just because its a small label and
from poland, has to be called random?

here is some link that may make it less random.