Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Winters in Osaka - Molded To Crawl

New release from Winters in Osaka reigning from Chicago, IL. Sure this release doesn't fit in with most of the material uploaded onto this blog, but it should not be overlooked. Very impressive modern power electronics influenced noise. Takes elements from various EFX pedals to live vocals with contact mics. Even sludge riffs behind all of it, giving this band a new spin on the noise scene.


P.S. if anyone has ANY of there other releases (excluding the collaboration with Bongripper) please comment on here or something... I can't find anything else anywhere on the web and everything released in 2008/2007 is out of press/never released/impossible to find. Thanks.


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Stop posting shitty noise

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Stop posting shitty comments.

Mike said...

My name is Mike Golen, and I've played with Winters In Osaka for about 4 years. Glad to see you're digging our new record. If you want some of our OOP stuff, I'll personally burn it for you. Many of our releases are available on discogs.com and a copy of "orchids" is still available on amazon.com
e-mail me:cannibalacid@sbcglobal.net