Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Ergs! - The Ben Kweller EP

The Ergs! were a New jersey pop-punk band from 2000 until about a year ago. Very much influenced by the Descendents most of their songs are about girls and being a dork, but also like the Descendents they don't take themselves to seriously and will throw in a joke or a Simpson's reference to show you that. One of my favorite things about this band is (while they don't really show it on this release) they were never afraid go off the beaten path of a pop-punk band and do some jazz, country or thrash songs. This EP was only available on CD until recently when Freedom School Records released it as a 12". Crank it up and have some silly fun for a change.

Download Here.


gena said...

Rad blog, guy.

BrianJohn said...

Great to see the Ergs! getting some love, this band was one of my mainstays growing up in NJ.