Sunday, September 27, 2009

Positive Reinforcement - The One Sided LP

Fast, snotty, no-frills, straight edge, hardcore punk. All these words can describe Boston's Positive Reinforcement pretty adequately. The catchiest early 80's riffs and best lyrics. Released on ThirdxParty records in 2006. Their discography contains a demo cassette, a few 7"s and this LP. Everything is gone (I think they stopped playing shows sometime in 07). Posiforce are a forerunner to some of the best bands in hardcore right now; members now play in Social Circkle, Blank Stare, Failures, Confines, and Foreign Objects. Couldn't find artwork online so I had to take a shitty snapshot with my phone.

download here.


terminalnation said...

This have lyrics with it?
Care to post them?

Anonymous said...

I have copies of the LP left if anyone ones wants em. xabbottx at gmail

Dead Rock n Roller said...

I have this LP and the 7" they sold on their '05 tour. I always liked the (lack of) production on the 7" better, but the lyrics on both are great, and definitely stick out more on this record.

"Who put the IOU in 'still no fucking future?'"

Thanks for posting this, it'll save me the trouble of getting a good rip from my LP.

xNickBaranx said...

Probably my favorite record I ever put out. I still listen to it regularly. So good.

Also, I just saw Interpunk has copies still.