Thursday, September 17, 2009

No Tolerance - Boston Straight Edge

I know this is on a million blogs now but, oh man. I can't tell you how fucking good this is. Another masterpiece created by CC and DFJ of Mind Eraser and family. I kind of looked past this demo when it first came out in late 08. After seeing the 7" at Reckless today, I decided to pick it up and give it a spin. To my surprise, it was the hardest 7" I've heard so far this year. Very much 90s NYHC influenced with some "violent noise at extreme speed". First released as a Cassette, now a 7" on 540 Records. Haven't found many e-distros with this still in stock, check over at Gravemistake, I know they have some left. Only limited to 500 copies. Equip mosh gloves now.

download here.

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Sarah. said...

BEST. EVER. Seriously. I got the 7" quite a few months ago and it rarely leaves my record player.