Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Warmers - S/T

The Warmers were a post-hardcore trio from Washington D.C. consisting of, Alec MacKaye (The Faith, Ignition), Juan Luis Carrera (Lois), and Amy Farina (Lois, The Evens). As you can tell by the album art The Warmers are a simple, minimalist band along the lines of Wire. My favorite part of this band has to be the odd off-kilter drums, that somehow fit the choppy, twangy guitar. While this was their only release during their tenure as a band they also have a posthumous EP, both out on Dischord Records (like you didn't see that one coming). I don't know what more there is to say other than, you should be downloading this right now.

Download Here

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joshua said...

One of the best bands from DC in the 90's - heck one of the best bands from the 90's. Major kudos, man.