Wednesday, August 5, 2009

E.A.T.E.R. - Chaos Casette Vol. 1

E.A.T.E.R., or Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels, were a Swedish hardcore punk band that existed from 1982-1988 (I believe). Definitely one of the many underrated hardcore bands from Sweden. This is their very first release, which was I believe was self released in 1982 on cassette. They have a pretty nice discography that's worth looking up.


Download Here.


auge said...

Thx for linking up!

New (reissues) album on it's way, both LP n CD on the classic Distortion Records

//auge, webmonkey

Q. Svenberg said...

I hate this can band just becouse of the horrible intro to doomsdays troops.

swepunk 999 said...

yea well....the original doomsday troops has no intro at all! u just have to make up ur mind abt wich one u want to listen to, thats all!
maybe thats too hard for u...