Monday, August 17, 2009

Hail Mary - All Aboard The Sinking Ship

Underrated Vermiform gem released in 1999. Hail Mary (Albany, NY) was fronted by Mark Telfian, ex-guitar of Limp Wrist, also played in Deathsquad. An easy comparison would be Born Against and other wacky hc punk ala Articles of Faith. Artwork by Sam McPheeters himself. Hail Mary released a 7" on Prank another on Vermiform, a split with The Red Scare, and were on some Comp on X-Mist. All gone but you may find them in a dollar bin near you. I've seen this LP on ebay quite a bit. Check there. Buy the CD if you want, plus other Vermiform greatness here. Anyways, this is an all around great hc/punk record.

download here.


Brian Damage said...

There's also a one-sided 7" with etching by Neil Burke on Handheld Heart.

Matthew said...

Some what more complete Hail MARY discography-

Glorious Morning 7" on Prank records

My will to die is dead 7" on Vermiform records

Crashing Down 7"-Vermiform records

All Aboard the sinking ship LP-Vermiform records

Not Live 7"-Hop Scotch records

Thank you for teaching me to hate myself 7" Hand Held Heart records-(this is the one sided etching)

Hail Mary/Red Scare split5 "-Hand Held Heart records

Hail Mary-"Nine Tenths" on the False Object sensor comp. LP on X-Mist/CD on Vermiform

Hail Mary-"After the Gold Rush"-on the Destroy New Granda comp. on Sound Virus records (formally known as Hop Scotch records).

I played guitar in Hail Mary from the LP and everything after. I am still proud of the music we created and have fond memories. Cheers to the memory of Jim Kupta.

gloom666 said...

RIP jim Kopta.
I recently put the Hail mAry demo tape on ebay.

Mark lives in Virgina these days.