Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nog Watt - Fear

Incredible all-female hardcore punk from the Netherlands. This EP is a true classic. I could listen to this a thousand times over and still be turned on. Released in 1985 on Revenge Records. The female vocals are really great, not weak, but with the perfect amount of aggressiveness. Nog Watt have a great sound too, ripping, thrash-esque tone with some beautiful melodic riffs and slow noise-rock dirge parts. Anyways, this is some pretty essential stuff. If you don't have this already you should listen if you like punk or hardcore at all. Oh, I've seen this rad Nog Watt shirt printed here, buying soon.

download here.


Red Dawn said...

this is great!
i have been wanting a copy of this for years. i first heard them on some random comp of 80's HC and was totally blown away by the mix of aggression and melody.
thanks for upping it!

Red Dawn said...

this is great!
i have been looking for this since i heard them on some random 80's HC comp and was blown away by their mix of aggression and melody.

Anonymous said...

probably my favorite hc EP.

mokey said...

i've listened to this at least 20 times in the last few days. can't find lyrics, though. anyone know where to look?

chris_c said...

thx i love it!


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mokey said...

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