Thursday, May 28, 2009

Formaldehyde Junkies

My favorite rehash hardcore band of this decade and surely the best Minneapolis hardcore punk band of recent times. Two EP's, a cover shot on MRR, and death. Members are now in the great Condominium, and Sinks. Both are equally amazing. FJ front man runs Fashionable Idiots. Check ebay for records and oddities.

Download fucking everything here.

(Demo 2005, ...Are A Total Wreck 7", S/T 7", Live on Radio K)


kris138 said...

cool stuff, don't know why i haven't checked this out before

Donovan said...

Hell yeah dude this shit is choice!

Anonymous said...

jesus h. christ. to lazy to burn the vinyl to my computer. thank you. r.i.p.

Honquijote said...

Thanks a lot for the post...!