Sunday, May 31, 2009

Capitalist Casualties

Hopefully you’ve already heard this band but if you haven’t yet you need to get into them right away. They’re powerviolence from Santa Rosa, California and definitely one of my favorites. They’ve been around since the late 80’s and they’re still as fast and amazing as ever. They’re playing Dude Fest this year so be sure to check out their set if you’re attending. Here’s the links to everything I have. If there’s something else you want by them, comment and I can upload it. One upload file has two 12" splits (one with Man Is The Bastard and one with Hellnation) and the other has two LPs (Disassembly Line and Subdivisions In Ruin) and one EP (Raised Ignorant).

download LPs and EP here and download splits here


FAN DEATH said...

links dont work.i can download them but when i unzip them it fucks up.

Victoria said...

What program are you using to unzip them?

Victoria said...

Kevin just checked on his old computer that's not a mac, he said it gave an error but they still opened and worked fine. Try opening them anyway?