Thursday, May 7, 2009

108 - Songs Of Separation

I was never really a fan of 108 until I saw them last weekend at Burning Fight in Chicago. I was totally blown away by their performance. I've been listening to this record non-stop ever since I've been home. If you've buried this band into your subconscious, now its time to listen to one of the best 90s hardcore records ever.

download here.


Martin ITFOR said...

Yeah, I posted that album last week on our blog and I had this argument that it's one of the finest 90's hardcore album... But the reason why i posted this one is different, still, what a fine album... But not everybbody thinks it is one of the good metalcore albums...


Grrrrs in nyc said...

Fifteen years later, this album is still one of the hardest f'ng records out there. Thanks for the post!