Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cold Stare

So I was reading about these dudes on the internets and decided to give it a listen- I instantly fell in love. So much that I ordered their self titled 7" right away. A few things I've deciphered about COLD STARE: They're from Chul(up)a Vista, California; a little town in Southern California I think. They play negative breakneck hardcore ala Poison Idea and Die Kruezen with a little touch of Cro-Mags. This is their first and only release I believe, can't wait for more and a tour! This is highly highly highly recommended. Great wall punching/bedroom mosh material.

download here.



really great stuff thx dude

kris138 said...

really cool

Anonymous said...

Would be into them, but Words In Your Mouth left a bad taste in my mouth. Not the kind of hardcore I'm looking for; sounds like some jocks who found out about hardcore through some kids at school.