Saturday, November 8, 2008


You've probably heard about this band, but you may not have actually listened to them. Kylesa are one of my favorite bands. Is it because of their raw sludgy tone? Bone chilling riffs? I don't know, but I fucking love it. They're pretty popular and most of you know about them because of all the attention they've received from their latest epic LP, Time Will Fuse Its Worth. Other than TWFIW, Kylesa has had 2 other Full Lengths, an EP, and 2 Splits. All of which are pretty unknown and under appreciated. So, I'm going to upload everything this band has released. Kylesa's sound has changed a lot throughout their existence. Their S/T is more raw and dirty while recently they've moved to a more psychedelic, and progressive sound. Still very heavy non the less. A good portion of their discography is still available at Prank's Distro, and So buy their stuff now. You're missing out. Kylesa's new LP should be coming out in February, so look out for that too.

To Walk A Middle Course
Time Will Fuse It's Worth
Split with Cream Abdul Babar
Split with Memento Mori

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zahcary said...

thanks for the memento mori split. on of my favorite bands ever