Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I want to blog about this amazing local band from here in Minneapolis. They're not named after a house, nor an apartment, not even a house boat...but a fucking Condo. This band rules, they are even better live. This is the most exciting band here currently and I really feel like sharing because they're pretty much 100% under the radar. To my knowledge, they've only hit the road once, to play a handful of dates on the east coast. This band pretty much formed after the breakup of the Formaldehyde Junkies and share members with two other local hardcore bands, Question and Pandamonium. They've self-released two 7" EPs so far; Hello Tomorrow and Pupils. Condominium plays fast; resembling early 80's hardcore. This isn't generic though, Condominium is very versatile in the way they play. You see..there are these wicked melodies underneath all of this fast punk taking from first wave punk and garage punk, complete with some extreme riffage. Watch out for more from these guys.

Both of their 7"s are still available, more info at their blogspot:

download here; Hello Tomorrow
download here; Pupils