Saturday, November 15, 2008

Burned Up, Bled Dry

Hardcore/Grind outfit from Arkansas. Started in 1996, toured and recorded heavily until a 1999 hiatus, then got back together in 2005 and just recently released a split with Arkansas' crusty-sludgy, Deadbird (Ex-Rwake). BUBD is obviously influenced by 90's fastcore, like Despise You, and Capitalist Casualties, only with a darker tone. On the Deadbird split, they have a more modern, melodic hardcore sound Aka: they got old and couldn't play fast anymore ;). They've had two 7" EPs (one on Slap-A-Ham), the recent split with Deadbird, and appear on the famous Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! - A Music War compilation. If anyone has more info on this band, please tell me, because I'm interested.

Kill The Body, Kill The Soul
Cloned Slaves, For Slaves
Split w/ Deadbird


Anonymous said...

Kill The Body... Kill The Soul... &
Cloned Slaves... For Slaves... are two 7" in heavy rotation around my house. I can't wait to hear this Deadbird split.

Rob said...

hate dis blog

evanontour said...

i play guitar in BUBD, we are working on an LP that will hopefully come out sometime this century...glad you enjoy our stuff. i'll be happy to answer any question you have...