Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Last Five Years

Listen up weaklings. If you have spent your hardcore career posing out, and the only Black Flag record you can name is Damaged or The First Four Years.. I feel very sorry for you. You see, I am here to help and educate you, that there was a hell of a lot more to Black Flag than just DAMAGED. In fact, the last 4 Black Flag records were certainly much more interesting and superior to the "early years". Don't get me wrong, Damaged rules, but the last years of Black Flag are way overlooked, and this is a problem. I see way too many douches with Black Flag tattoos that can't name a song off In My Head. There's no TV parties, Gimmie Gimmies, or Six Packs in the last 4 years. Just pure genius/madness of Ginn. This era would be the Metal Era of Black Flag; heavy, intense, dense and progressive. The release of My War alone, is cited by many important bands as their most influential sound; Melvins, EyeHateGod, etc. It's sad that all of this is so under appreciated. So have at it. Please.

My War
Slip It In
Loose Nut
In My Head


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icoulddietomorrow said...

last 4 albums are by far their best shit. good call. also, Family Man > Damaged. no joke.


Anonymous said...

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