Friday, October 3, 2008


This band is fucking sick...These three dudes have crawled out of the goddamn Brazilian jungle to play some fast, blazing, hardcore. These dudes are passionate too, I can't understand or read their lyrics because they are all in Portuguese, but I can totally tell; there is no bullshit here. After releasing their Demo in like 2000, Max "625" Ward got a hold of it and was very enthusiastic about them, so he decided to release their first Self Titled 7" on his label, 625 Thrashcore. They soon started touring with What Happens Next? all across South America. They've toured over Europe, but I don't think they've played a US tour, which they fucking should. It's a shame that they aren't that well appreciated here in the US but its very much the opposite across the border. Get into it. "Play fast or die!!!"

download here;S/T EP
download here;Sem Remorso


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Woops. They're up now!