Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snuff Film CS

Frenzied collaboration between two of Bay Area's most newfangled groups, Ecoli and Migraine. 5 tracks nearing 14 minutes of extraordinarily demented hardcore punk. Both bands combine their respective noise to create a barricade of filth and subversion. Snuff Film existed for one release and one show only. If you haven't checked out either band yet--find Ecoli on a previous post here, and I'm sure a Migraine 7" is on a blog somewhere. Another Drone Errant release, but currently copies are only available from the band for 6ppd. Contact for purchasing.

download here.


kris138 said...

this is pretty rad, thanks!

Anonymous said...

cool sheets

S. said...

I enjoy this.

Anonymous said...


bands trying to be other mysterious bands is funny