Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brown Sugar - Deportation EP

Here's an EP I've been playing a lot of lately. Brown Sugar, hail from upstate New York - along with other awesome young bands: Rational Animals (Buy their new 7") & Plates. Sound's like the Gang Green songs on This Is Boston..Not LA with a sloppy, (but) euphonic, ultra-fuzzed guitar tone. Fast and mean with some killer riffs. Brought to you by Feral Kid. The EP is sold out from the label, but check distros.

download here.

PS: Sorry for slacking around here. I'm never home anymore or I'm just chatroulette-ing. Posts will pick up when I go back to school in a few weeks (Not that anyone gives a fuck).


Anonymous said...

Oh, we give a fuck. Enjoy your holiday.

mokey said...

euphonic - good vocab.

Anonymous said...

fuckin killer ep right here!

Also, totally correct about the new RA 7", it fucking ruuules!

Honquijote said...

Thank You for sharing this !