Friday, December 4, 2009

Church Police - Gilligan's Wings

3 Unreleased tracks from Bay Area's dirged-out Church Police. Recorded in 1982, but only surfaced in 2007 by the help of Skulltones. I found this quick sell-out in a bin at Mississippi Records in Portland. Church Police play the Artpunk/New Wave/Industrial thing: True downer-punk. Think of early Texas punk and weird-core ala Blight. I guess they were so called proteges to Flipper. Also had an article in the very first issue of MRR. Their goal was to become "the most depressing band ever". More info and insight on Church Police here.

"Max R-R: Are the Church Police a fun band?
Bruce: Always never fun."

download here.

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Anonymous said...

corrupt file? would appreciate a re-up. flipper still rules, ok?