Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Psyched To Die

So. I saw this band last night with the great Deep Sleep, Who just released a great new 7" on Gravemistake called "Paranoid Futures". Anyways..I was really impressed with Psyched To Die. They're an NJ all-star band. With members of The Ergs!, Splitting Headache, Fast Times, and a lot more I'm forgetting. They play a Black Flag meets Adolescents meets Deep Wound (where they get their name from)type of gig. Aka 80s rehash (saying this in the most positive way). Fast as fuck with catchy melodic riffs. Mike from the Ergs! does most of the vocals, which are really energetic and fun. This will probably stand as one of the best 7"s of this year. Split release between Gravemistake and Firestarter. Buy it here or here. Pressed on black and limited red. I'm also uploading their 2008 demo.


download "Sterile Walls"

download "Demo 2008"


Ape Mummy said...

These records are totally rad. Another tip o' the cap for a blog I make sure to check out daily.

V. said...

Thanks for this post. Band rules.

jake said...

awesome! been looking for stuff by this band for awhile.

kris138 said...

good stuff!

Honquijote said...

Great stuff - thanks man!