Monday, March 2, 2009

Cult Ritual

One of my favorite bands still playing punk right now. If you haven't heard of these guys you need get your ass off the b9board and out of your mothers basement. They're from Tampa, Florida. I can't think of any bands to compare them to really. They're loud, chaotic and noisy as fuck. They've released three 7" EP's so far on Youth Attack, Burrito, and Drugged Conscience with a new LP coming out on Youth Attack very soon. They're also doing a huge US tour this summer. So go see them. You might be able to find the 7"s in various distros. 1st and 2nd EP are all sold out. Repress of the 3rd EP soon. Oh- and there's a really cool cover of Death Valley '69, by Sonic Youth on the 3rd EP. So good.

Download all three 7"s here.

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icoulddietomorrow said...

Just fucking wait for their LP. I've only heard the unmixed version of it, but everything else they've done pales in comparison.


Francisco said...

are you still looking for the crash and britany LP "kids luv you" 12"

it's available in pennies for cans:

p.s: I've added your blog to my links: