Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dios Mio - Prey To God

Dios Mio (My God! en Español) are a badass rock 'n' roll influenced hardcore punk band from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. If Deep Wound and Leeway fucked, Dios Mio would be their love child. Some sick guest vocals by Ben Crew (In Defence, Damage Deposit) on "Tread The World". 4 songs on this 7" rager. A repress of "Prey To God" re-titled "Shit Life" will be released soon on Tank Crimes and will be in ever distro imaginable. I'm also gonna add a song from the Twin Cities Hardcore 07 Compilation that they were on; my favorite. Expect these dudes to destroy your town soon.

buy Prey To God for 6ppd on their myspace
download here

Great? or greatest? music video of all time.

"Shit Life" by Dios Mio from Ryan Sinz on Vimeo.