Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oiltanker - Self Titled EP

Oiltanker is a crust influenced hardcore punk band from Hartford, Connecticut. Similar to bands like His Hero is Gone and Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade.

"From the cultural wasteland of central CT arises the explosive beer-fueled d-beat insanity of Oiltanker. Incredible dark, sludgy, crusty hardcore to get tinnitus and/or suicidally depressed to." -SSP records review

Download Here.


Catherine said...

one (or maybe more?) of these guys is now playing in a band called iron hand.

Anonymous said...

Don't think I've ever mentioned it but I love you and your blog of awesomeness. Thank you.

Jammmes said...

Yes, Iron Hand is very good.

Catastrophe said...

oiltanker has a side project called "the hammer" which sounds a fuck of a lot like black panda, and has two additional non-oiltanker members. they are fucking fun as hell live