Monday, February 23, 2009

Kylesa - Static Tensions

Holy shit. This is really fucking good. Way better than the last record and probably their heaviest to date. I think they still have 2 drummers but they lost their bassist with the crusty vocals; so none of that on this record. They now have the bassist of Born Against, weird. I kinda feel like an asshole posting this on here, but the LP is really expensive; $28 for the deluxe and $20 for the normal version. Buy it though, great record, it'll sound better too. They're doing a huge-ass US tour this spring with IntrOnaut and Nachtmystium. Go see them, even if their are playing at some stadium.

buy it
download here.

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Sam Alcarez said...

Finally somebody uploaded this! Thanks man. Now to wait for my preorder to ship.