Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Blackest Curse - 1.13.2007

The Blackest Curse is the collaboration between Pulling Teeth and Dwid Hellion of Integrity. They play Integrity songs only. This is not the 12" rip, but instead I ripped the audio from live video that came with my Vicious Skin CD at 320 kb/s and split up the 13 tracks. For some reason 'Dawn of a New Apocalypse' and 'Micha' skip a little bit, but I checked the video and it skips on the video too and my CD isn't scratched at all, so the video is messed up.

Track Listing:
01. Vocal Test
02. Hollow
03. Systems Overload
04. Judgement Day
05. Salvations Malevolance
06. Dawn Of A New Apocalypse
07. Rise
08. Abraxas Annihilation
09. No One
10. Die Hard
11. Contrast Of Sin
12. Jagged Visions Of My True Destiny
13. Micha: Those Who Fear Tomorrow

Download Here.

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