Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Under The Covers Vol. 2: A Tribute to The Nerves

Bought this guy on a whim, thinking it might be cool, since I love the Nerves, and a few of the bands on the comp, and woah it delivers. All these tracks are recorded so well, and executed with finesse. Killer output by Grass Widow, Le Face, White Fence, Hunx & His Punx (they do 'When You Find Out', lol) and all your (probably not) favorite psych-y garage rock bullshit bands. 18 trax of your fave Nerves songs; butchered...or re-lived... Well I think it's great. Lim to 200 copies on Cassette and it's recently out on twelve inches as well. Get it quick @ Volar Records. Ripped into two trax- tracklisting is in the zip.

Updated link w/ all split tracks. Thanks bro:
download here.


Anonymous said...

hey!best friend! there ain't no d/l link! also where's th' schitzophasia link, i'm still waitin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-kevin said...

Yeah, mediafire was fuckkin up, but the link is up now!! Schitzophasia link soooon.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, I'd like to break the tracks up in Soundbooth, if you post the tracklist or e-mail it to me I'll send you a link for a new version with split up tracks.