Saturday, January 15, 2011

Daily Void - Civilization Dust 7"

Been a Daily Void fan for quite some time, and just happened to come across this baybie in a new-arrivals bin to my surprise...Hadn't been following the band much since I wasn't too into the Sacred Bones 12" and figured they were busy with other bullshit projectz, but here's a new one by these Chicago noise garage punx. I just read somewhere that people describe them as the 'garage rock Rudimentary Peni', weird. A-side (Before Death) is a total hit, a hunky fuzzball you'd normally expect from these dudes, but the B-side (After Death) is a weirdo, spacey instrumental improv jam that is cool, I guess (This is like...a concept record..right?), would prefer another guitar damage banger, but I am content with these two. Out on the always quality KEN ROCK label in Sweden.

download here.


Joe Lachut said...

This kills for sure.

Anonymous said...

nice work on your zine man

-kevin said...

thanks mate!

Ryonikis said...

Hey dude! I'm a big fan of the blog and was wondering if we could share each others blogs on our website? Thanks!

No Gods, No Masters

Great fucking zine Kevin. Way to go. I'm really loving the blog too.

M. said...

I'm not much into the B-side but the A-side sounds pretty good.