Monday, October 18, 2010

The Evens - S/T

The temperature is a pretty consistent 50-something degrees, the trees are beginning to look bare, it smells like dead leaves, and I have this album running through my head over and over. It must be fall. As silly as it sounds one of the best descriptions for this band that I've read is "post-post hardcore". It's exactly what you would expect when you consider who's in the band, Amy Farina and Ian MacKaye, who were in The Warmers and Fugazi respectively. The sound is somewhere between those two bands but much more mellow/mature, with Mackaye suppressing his bark and actually hitting some notes (Farina aint no slouch on vocals either). So yeah, I did another Dischord post, and these two got a kid to feed so buy it from 'em.

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Nölff said...

Mit tiefer Dankbarkeit!
I like what you do.