Thursday, February 11, 2010

Morpheme - S/T 7"

Latest contribution to the world from Prank records. Morpheme, from the bay area of California present us with a total fury of tumultuous hardcore punk, not unlike Japanese legends Confuse & Gauze. The singer of Morpheme is from Japan and the entire record is sung in Japanese. Morpheme also have an awesome Scandinavian HC feel ala Anti-Cimex and Mob 47. Morpheme appeared on a split with Japan's D-Clone earlier in 2009. They're now broken up, and members now play in Yadokai (Their demo is a few posts down). Limited white vinyl of this 7" is still available to order.
Pay 6.50 PPD to prankrec[at]mindspring[dot]com for a copy.

download here.


Anonymous said...

picked up a copy of this last week a rager fo sho

mikxxx said...

very cool blog, i had download a tone fro you. hehehe.
if you like my blog add it.

Ian said...

Tight, i actually saw this band live once at King's Music (RIP). The singer is an explosion of energy, awesome band.

[Tim] said...

Man I dig this Japanese sounding shit at the moment. Have you heard Nuclear Sex Addict from Australia? Their demo is raging.