Saturday, April 4, 2009


Retainers are probably my second favorite band here in the Twin Cities. They play loud lo-fi garage punk. Retainers have raw, ripping parts along with Jay Reatard styled melodic riffs, topped with loud distorted vocals. They also have a little surf touch every now and then. A perfect combo. They formed in 2005 and share a member with fellow garage punk mates Sinks. They have 5 7"s (Including one that was released last night) and an super limited LP on P Thrash record in Germany. You can buy 2 of the 7"s from Fashionable Idiot's webstore thing, and the LP from P Trash's website- but shipping from Germany is a bitch, so pick it up at Extreme Noise if you're in the Midwest. For this post i'm just going to upload the LP, I think its their best played and best recorded.

download here.

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Michael said...

Holy shit, this rules!