Friday, April 3, 2009

Nomos - Demo

Wow. I first heard this band back in November or December after reading a hype thread on VLV. Downloaded the demo and was totally blown away. This demo is better executed than what most bands release in their entire existence. Every song on here is near perfect. They sound like Born Against + Lack Of Interest + Die Kreuzen. Nomos are from NYC and are ex- Dustheads and Red Handed, with a member in Disnihil. I don't think they have even played a show yet?! But I see they have some dates with Cult Ritual coming up in July. They have a demo cassette out and I'm guessing you can still order it, it might be sold out though. Message the myspace to find out. "WHAT WILL YOU FUCKING DO, WHEN YOUR GUILT CONSUMES YOU."


download here.

P.S. Weekend Nachos have 2 new songs for download - love it or hate it here


Anonymous said...

pretty much rips. thanks...

but you said vlv. hahahaha. losers.

-kevin said...


icoulddietomorrow said...
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