Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reds - "Is:Means"

Born in the spring of 2004, Reds brings together four individuals with disparate backgrounds in a way that both creates tension and finds harmony. Their individual roots are recognizable – traces of rock 'n roll and a touch of poppiness amidst the frenzy of hardcore – but find balance and unity within the songs. On their debut full-length, "is:means", the songs fly along at furious speeds, rarely letting up, and never losing their intensity. The lyrics, mostly shouted and screamed but occasionally sung, strive to pointedly connect the personal and political - showing clear anger and frustration yet never letting go of positivity and optimism. Always on the verge of falling into chaos, Reds manages to hold it all together and focus their energy into a roaring collection of passion and fury.

download here.

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