Monday, January 28, 2008

Deathreat - "Deathreat: Compliation CD"

Deathreat play fast-and-furious, thrashtastic hardore. Deathreat features members of His Hero Is Gone, Tragedy, and Severed Head Of State. The album includes the LP as well as 18 additional tracks from their various 7"s and compilation contributions for a total song count of thirty-six tracks.

download here


Dead Rock n Roller said...

I started reading your blog recently and am now going back through the archives downloading all the great stuff you've been posting. I'm trying to download this, but zShare for some reason never works for me, and when I click the link to download, it re-routes me back to the first page where you have to wait to download. Any ideas?

Thanks either way, I'm not complaining, I just got stoked when I saw you'd upped this and I wanted to hear it.

Anonymous said...

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