Monday, April 4, 2011

Yadokai - S/T 7"

A little bummed I had to wait over a year to hear more Yadokai cuts after first bumping that little masterpiece of a demo. But yeah, this shit is nuts. I swear the bass and guitars are samples from the 'alien talk' in that badass blockbuster hit 'District 9'. If you didn't know, Yadokai is doogs from ECOLI, MORPHEME, & FACE THE RAIL, playing some evil, pulverizing hc/punk, up in the gutz of Italo madness ala WRETCHED, as well as retard Clevo shit, and obviously Discharge. The clear vinyl w/ black labels on this looks HOT. Out on Video Disease Records, but looks like he's already sold out. Should be hitting yr favorite distro soon.

download here.

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