Sunday, March 6, 2011

Volt - S/T 7"

HOZAC-01 ---- The VOLT 7" is an overlooked 'OG shitgaze' classic, the record is seemingly hard to find online, and in the bin as well- but found myself a copy a few weeks ago. Before I 'scored' this, I could only find stupid clips of the tracks, and kind of gave up my search for the mp3z. Anyways, VOLT are a French synth-punk trio--metallic drum machines, cold synthesizers, with an ear ripping guitar. I was hoping they sounded a bit more like KAS PRODUCT, but they end up sounding like a goofy JAY REATARD//DIGITAL LEATHER hybrid than anywhere in the coldwave realm. A-Side with "Man On The Ground" and "Not You" are total retard-bangers..when the chorus on "MOTG" drops, tha METAL DANCE begins. Sad they used 'Impact font' on the cover...gross dawg...but a pretty rad group of tracks. Guess they have a few more records, that I haven't checked out yet..Late pass I know, this shit came out in like 2006.

download here.


Anonymous said...

Forget this shitty 7" and grab their absolutely amazing 2 12" (first one on their own label and second one on In The Red).
You'd better check also what the keyboard player has made recently with his two bands in a similar vein : IMMATERIAL , and PLUTON , both on Plastic Spoons Records , a french record label .
here's the link :

-kevin said...

There ya have it.