Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wiccans - Teenage Cults 7"

This one has been out for a bit, but I haven't had a chance to present it much (lazy lazy). When I heard the first Wiccans recordings well over a year ago I was floored, I hadn't heard anything so catchy and distinguished from a modern punk band, I had to do their record. Teenage Cults has the 4 best cuts off the demo, re-mixed and mastered to perfection. Their killer links of speedy USHC styled punk with euphoric double guitar riff attacks on top make the record a total smashing hardcore release...all behind one of the most powerful and glorious throats I've heard since Fucked Up. Wiccans already have an LP recorded, and it's fucking killer, hopefully it should be ready for their tour this summer. Also: PERFECT LIVE BAND, truly a must see. Members of Wax Museums, Teenage Cool Kids, Silver Shampoo, Bad Sports: Denton, TX rules. Termbo loves this record, read the review. Limited to 300. Last copies available, again at

download here.

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