Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mauser - 2010 Summer Tour EP

Crushing raw punk from Gainesville, Florida!! Totål Kaaos, Disorder, Anti-Cimex worship. I'm obsessed with how much this sounds just like Crude SS, PERFECT. I interviewed Mauser for the first issue of the printed Fashionable Activism zine, which should be out soon, so look for that! This is their first release, no demo. 7" on Vinyl Rites next month! Raw Punk 2.0 in full effect! Hails. Band contact: Mauserpunk[at]

download here.


Anonymous said...

possibly the best new band from Florida

terminalnation said...

Not big on the bands they worship, but this is really, really good. Anti-Cimex for those who can't get into Anti-Cimex?

-kevin said...

I wouldn't say that. I'd say give Anti-Cimex another spin after hearing this.

the Raped Ass EP is priceless.

Jacob DeRaadt: Prints Drawings Collages said...

Mauser is my new favorite band!