Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ben Rayner and the Pricks - Cranking To Sonic Youth CS

Ben Rayner, some 'cool' photographer (This is all I know about him) for Vice magazine gang up with Ben Cook and Jonah Falco of Fucked Up/TOHC acclaim. Recording 4 drunken uk-pub-punk smash hits including a "Sonic Youth dis track". Read the full story about this here. Released a few months ago, all gone now...rumors of a 7" and more recordings sometime? It's great.

download here.


Anonymous said...

Before he was cool, he was straight edge. Here's a video of him moshing in his front room:

Minor trivia - he's wearing an In The Clear "Monsters of Rock" shirt from their final show. They were a very nerdy youth crew band around 1999/2001.

Anonymous said...

Heheheh 'Slow Mailer'

Anonymous said...

Suicide Stun

Conan Vice Grip said...

"Vice" Oh yeah this really makes me want to download this nonsense.

Can't these trendy fucks just fuck off and leave us alone.