Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sorry Excuse - Listen With Prejudice 7"

Another batch of sweet grooves from the seemingly most bleak area east of the rockies: Kansas City. SorryxExcuse hammer though 8 straight edge dazzlers in exactly 5 minutes. Sorry Excuse bring a step forward in HC2k10, tossing out any hint of top 40 HC bullshit or the mystery punk burden, but bringing back the ravaging speed and energy of the Repos with the hard mosh rules from the Lockin' Out empire. Half these dogs also jam with No Class. Shoot yourself in the foot if you missed their little east coast excursion a few weeks ago. This is the just the tour version, got dis at their gig in Chicago a few weeks ago, regular copies are yet to be available. Peep ThirdxParty records till the record gets it's proper release, maybe contact them for some extra tour copies. Killer stuff all around here.

download here.


Honquijote said...

Hell yeah, this sounds great ! Thanks for sharing... :-)

freebones said...

this is super solid. they could be a new ceremony. thanks for this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There is rumor they may have another 7" out this year.