Sunday, April 18, 2010

Operation Makeout - Hang Loose

Here's an awesome band that I've rediscovered in a big bad way the past couple weeks. I first found out about Operation Makeout a few years ago when I was first getting heavy into Sleater-Kinney and wanted to find something akin to them. And yes they do sound a lot like S-K, but one thing they do not have that this band does is some great dueling male/female vocals at times reminiscent of X. It seems that people have pretty much forgotten about them (if they even bothered to learn in the first place) which is a shame because a lot of people are missing out on some catchy tunes.

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Anonymous said...

yo the untitled track on the end is sick. One of the guys in this band releases stuff under the name secret mommy and its all sweet glitchy acoustic instruments and field recordings, very fun to listen to.