Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Veins [Cassette]

The HardCore to end all HardCore is here. The Mark McCoy & fabulous Das Oath member shredding on guitar with tormenting vocal blitz courtesy from Berdan of the late Drunkdriver. 6 tracks of fierce, sensual harCore reminiscing the first Oath 7". An instant classic. Limited to 333 copies, released by the Youth Attack empire. Fascinating and enigmatic packaging. Sold out. A repress of this cassette on a 7" in the works. Enjoy.

download here.


mikxxx said...

youth attack growing bigger and bigger (as your block by the way)
cheers and thanx for this one

Anonymous said...

Hot stuff...being waiting for this.thnks

Dawgeh said...

FINALLY. Thanks so much, man.

Dan said...

Lucky bastard. Thanks for posting this, dude.