Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pig Heart Transplant

Pig Heart Transplant is a noise/experimental project headed by Jon Kortland of Iron Lung and GOB. If you're into Bastard Noise or Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, than check this out. His albums are put out in very small quantities, so the stuff I up is probably out of print.


Download Supremacy.
Download Hope You Enjoy Heaven.


Sweat Lung said...

this is also available to purchase from the label for $12US post paid anywhere in the world... www.myspace.com/sweatlung or email: getonthehorse(@)hotmail.com .. Pig Heart Transplant t-shirts also available.

liposculpture guide said...

It can happen that is the new research the biotechnology industry is doing but , I think that if you transplant a pig heart to a Human that will lead to his shock and death.