Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rot In Hell (RE-UPPED)

Rot in Hell is a newer band from the UK. They play metallic hardcore strongly influenced by early Ringworm and Integrity. The files in this are the demo from 2007, the split with Brain Dead, and one track from the Hordes split. The track from the Brain Dead and Hordes split isn't great quality and there is a track or two missing from the Hordes split. They are now signed to Deathwish Inc. and plan on releasing an LP soon on DW and watch out for a collection of their stuff to be released on a389 records.
Download Here.

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Jon. said...

Any way to get this upped on mediafire or something else? For some reason Zshare doesn't work for me. Same with the Pulling Teeth Witches' Sabbath.