Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Nachos - It's A Wonderful Life

Weekend Nachos is a hardcore (NOT POWERVIOLENCE) band from Illinois. Fast, pissed, and heavy in vain of Think I Care and Infest. This is probably one of my favorite bands! The recordings are a tad bit lo-fi, but still good. Their new stuff has gotten a lot better (check out Punish and Destroy on Cowabunga and the tracks off the This Comp Kills Fascists CD on Relapse). On tour now, go fucking watch them! Check myspace for tour details.
Download Here


Rob said...

Split sucks. Only good song was the YOT cover. Suck on it.

Anonymous said...

wow! you just told me this band is for "poser faggots".

and you say this is your favorite band.

fuck off.

Anonymous said...

my friend got his nose broken when we saw these dudes!

Anonymous said...

so this is in the vain of infest, but they aren't power violence? this band in a complete infest rip off (which is awesome). they are power violence.